The Benefits Of Boca Raton Tattoo Without The Disadvantages

Yes, I leave the heavy artillery there I know for ten years, I am tempted to get a tattoo. Oh, not a significant fat symbol, just two, three little stars under the wrist. But I'm petrol, and I'm afraid of hurting, so I do not skip the final tattoo.

So the temporary tattoo, it always tempts me when I cross it. And Sephora sent me to test an ephemeral tattoo pen. A pretty little black star (the brand also offers a skull and an anchor) that can be placed temporarily on the face and body. So here I am testing on my arm this fun gadget.

It takes the helping hand not to smear, but after a few tries, the result is conclusive. A small, full, black star that fades to the makeup remover without much effort (it also risks leaving easily with water too).

The more I look at the pictures by miami tattoo artist, owner of a Boca Raton tattoo shop, the more I am tempted to see the result. But as I feel that my fear of needles and air will not be gone right away, I think this pen is an excellent alternative to have a discreet little tattoo for an evening or an original make-up (though I do not do not know if I will test right now on the face).