The material is for single use and supplied by specialized laboratories in sterile packaging with batch number. This concerns needles and some nozzles.

Plastic films protect Cords, machines, and other vapor type objects changed after each session to avoid cross contamination. For the rest of the equipment, it is cleaned by an ultrasonic device and then sterilized by autoclave class B with printer and finally by gamma-ray sterilizer (the same as in the operating theaters)

Before each tattoo, the material for nonuser Once again, it was autoclaves and then flashed with a gamma flash sterilizer. The type of gamma flash sterilizer has the advantage of sterilizing instantly any material, glove, ink, demographic, etc.

Surface disinfecting sprays help secure large areas such as chairs, towels and more.


Unlike tattooing, almost everything is for single use and provided by specialized laboratories in sterile packaging and with batch number. Only the pliers are reused, and I opted for sterilization minute (autoclave class B with printer and gamma). The piercings are chosen and sterilized minute before the pose. Acts can be done with or without local anesthesia, as desired. Anesthesia are local, either by spray or ointment, they are not injected, so they are cutaneous surface anesthesia.

For the right to use anesthetics, Body Modifiers must have a degree from the Body Tech Training Center, which is my case.